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Why Book Meditation Coaching?

Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM) is truly an easy and  effortless meditation. I know you have probably heard that before. With VCM, there really is no mental effort, no physical effort, no continuous chanting of mantras or breath control - all of these things involve effort of one form or another.

VCM starts from the subconscious which is why it is so powerful and effective. Transformation that starts in the subconscious flows automatically to wherever you most need it and positively impacts all areas of your life.

Learn to use more of your mind’s capacity We only use around 10% of our minds capacity, Vibrant Celestial Meditation easily allows you to start utilizing the rest of the 90% of your minds capacity by rapidly taking you into the deeper states of consciousness (the same states we effortlessly slip into when we are asleep) . 

You could spend decades learning the secrets to reaching these deeper states and even then many people do not succeed. The fastest and easiest way to tap into these powerful states is to learn Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM) with one of our Meditation Coaches.

Gain clarity, happiness, peace and productivity in your life.  Surprisingly to many, VCM requires no effort on your part whatsoever. It is a natural, spontaneous process resulting in an awakening of the Universal Creative Intelligent Life Force within. When this colossal power awakens within you, you will feel more connected and alive than ever before. 

Decision making becomes easier and more accurate because now you have access to the Infinite Intelligence within that always knows what is best for you.


Coaching sessions are customized to your own specific requirements and needs. 

In the first part of the Session you will receive specialised coaching in meditation, tailored to meet you where you are.  Our Master Meditation Coaches all have highly developed intuition and can cut to the heart of issues surprisingly quickly.

In the second part of the session you will get to experience Vibrant Celestial Meditation with the Master Meditation Coach.  Because VCM is so potent, only 20-30 minutes of meditation is required.

There will also be an opportunity to address whatever questions you have.

Yes. Our coaches regularly work with people from all over the world, so all you need is a phone or Internet connection to join the calls. We have found time and time again, that meditation can be just as powerful online as it is in person.  And Because we want you to be supported and connected with those you love and who are meaningful to you, we would be delighted to also teach up to 5 people you care about alongside you in your sessions.

The Meditation Coaches are hand picked because they meet some exceptionally rare criteria.

  1. They are Masters of Vibrant Celestial Meditation, one of the very few systems that is truly effortless. Each of the Coaches has over 20 years experience in practicing and teaching VCM.
  2. They have been through decades of transformation and helped and guided others through theirs.
  3. They are able to surrender into the very deepest states of meditation, which facilitates a much deeper meditation experience for those who receive their coaching. (Like a tuning fork).

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