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I learned Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM) from the founder Sri Bhai Sahib Ji, in 1990. It transformed my life and I have practiced and taught it ever since.

I have seen over and over again the potency of VCM as those who practice it experience a profound "inner awakening", leading to many positive benefits in body, mind and spirit.

Despite its potency, VCM is simple to learn and you can learn it easily in 1 session. It's effortless nature almost defies belief.

I have myself experienced the deep healing power of VCM...having made a full recovery from serious cancer. Aside from the physical healing, the sense of emotional calm I experienced during the illness was testament to how VCM enables a deep peace of mind.

Over the past 29 years I have coached and supported many people in numerous countries on meditation...I would be honored to introduce you to Vibrant Celestial Meditation.

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