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Be The Director In Your Life 

  Daily Stress Leaves You Feeling Out Of Sorts.

Get Simple Solutions To Conquer Your Day and Create  Long -Term harmony


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Losing sleep worrying about the same things over and over again? 

 Is your monkey mind affecting your productivity?

Feel like no matter what there is never enough time?

Need more meaning in your life?

 Far too many have told us that they:

•Are feeling overwhelmed.

•Are having negative thoughts.

• Are turning to unhealthy behaviors to cope. 

• Are becoming indifferent in relationships. 

• Are stressed and anxious.

Book A Free Discovery Call For Meditation

Stop Being Sucked Into A Vortex. 

Learn To Control Stress, Worry, and Restlessness.

Don't let life's daily problems add up and hold you back. You have the power to be in control.

 Get immediate relief and long-term benefits with powerful quick & simple techniques that can be used anytime you need them.

With our programs, you will have easy solutions to orchestrate harmony in any situation. 

Book A Free Discovery Call For Meditation

"One of the greatest ways Simran adds value is by embodying truth. She gets to the heart of my issues that need attention. She helps me facilitate a greater awareness so there’s an opportunity for better understanding of myself. It’s a gift that keeps giving long after the conversation."

Marc Floreani
Entrepreneur, Melbourne, Australia

What makes us different?

Simran is Triple Board Certified Physician in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching.  Her vast experience is why she can walk you through easy, concise, and comprehensive techniques, in less time.

She trained at the Andrew Weil Centre of Integrative Medicine, world-renowned for highly reputable training in Integrative Medicine and Integrative Health Coaching. 



Simran being a mother, wife, physician leader, and entrepreneur knows how the busyness of life can sometimes make you feel out of sorts. The loss of control that creeps in can negatively impact productivity at work, relationships, and health.  It can leave you feeling distraught.  

It's great being able to lead others through the chaos and feel that inner harmony despite what's going on around you.  Your friends and family look to you because they know you have that clarity and poise that can help them. You gain more respect at work because now you know how to stay calm and not let things overwhelm you. 

Our quick and easy tools are what we use in our own daily lives and give the power to being the director in your life.


Both Simran and Ross teach and run retreats and workshops in many countries. They are Meditation Master Teachers and are amongst a handful of people worldwide. They have over 20 years of experience teaching Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM), one of the only effortless meditations out there.

Simran and Ross learned directly from the founder of Vibrant Celestial Meditation, Sri Bhai Sahib Kirpal Singh Gill. Bhai Sahib honoured them with the role of Spiritual Elders worldwide (only 5 worldwide). 

Connect Within. Honour Yourself. Heal Innately

Do What Makes You Smile.

"Simran helps me to be honest and more aware of my feelings. 20 years ago I was a person who didn't even know I wanted to discover myself. Now I have a deeper sense of peace and handle stress better. Working with Simran over this time has been the most transformative and spiritually elevating experience of my life. She continues to inspire, motivate & support me."

Maithry Uddaraju
MD, Toronto, Canada

"The Meditation Tool, VCM, was truly effortless. I was shocked that I could sit and meditate. I felt calm, and recharged within minutes, it melted the stress of the day away!""

Kay, D. Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada

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