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5 reasons why it is hard to forgive?

forgiveness Jun 30, 2020
Hurt and pain is inevitable, when we get hurt by someone or we have hurt someone what really can be affected is our self esteem, and our self worth.
Here are 5 reasons it may be hard to Forgive yourself or others:
🌺 Feeling disappointed in yourself or others, which stems from having expectations of yourself or others.
🌺 You Feel like you are letting them off the hook.
🌺 Feel like we are not being Authentic, you think you are not being honest with yourself because if you forgive and don’t really “feel” like forgiving you are therefore not honoring yourself.
🌺 You begin to lack empathy of others,
Lack of empathy can get in the way of forgiving and plays an important role in the process in forgiving others.
I am not saying that you have to fully put yourself in the shoes of the person who hurt you, the truth is you can’t really do that fully, and you may not want to do that fully, depending on how traumatic the event was.
🌺 You feel you will lose power or are being weak. Forgiving someone does not cancel out the consequences of their actions.
Be kind to yourself because letting go of hurts is not an overnight experience. It takes time. It will eventually be freeing.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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