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Self acceptance and well-being

self acceptance Jul 16, 2020
Self acceptance leads to better emotional,
physical and spiritual well being.
Srini Pillay, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has shared when we feel negatively about ourselves, the regions in our brain regulating emotions, have been identified as having less grey matter. This has impact on our emotional regulation.
Self -acceptance, thinking positively about ourselves, supports better emotional regulation. Our physical health can also suffer as it is recognised those with less self-acceptance are more likely to be anxious, thereby increasing awareness in feeling the physical symptoms of chronic illnesses.
When we accept ourselves benefits are:
🌺 We feel more at peace.
🌺We feel happier.
🌺This improves our spiritual wellness as we are connected to Spirit.
🌺 We no longer search outside of ourselves for acceptance and the doors are open to allow more love into our lives.
🌺The more we accept ourselves, the more we begin to...
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How can we accept ourselves more?

self acceptance Jul 14, 2020
Here are 5 ways to learn self-acceptance
1️⃣ Positive affirmations
2️⃣ Mirror work
3️⃣ Reading and listening to affirming material
4️⃣ Standing guard with our thoughts about ourselves and replacing negative thoughts
5️⃣ Express gratitude
The process of self acceptance begins with an acknowledgement of ourselves as we are.
We take the step to say, “I am ok as I am,” and set the intention to change our mindset of our own self-perceptions.
We may start with affirmations daily and reaffirm ourselves through repetition. It is important to feed our minds nourishing self-accepting thoughts, whether it be through reading books, social media posts, youtube videos or podcasts. (I do a whole module on mind imprinting technique and maximizing your minds potential, in my soon to be released online meditation course).
Mirror work can be an important tool for self acceptance and love as looking at ourselves creates an awareness of what we think and feel about...
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What stands in the way of complete self acceptance?

self acceptance Jul 14, 2020
Accepting oneself takes time.
Along the way, there are many challenges and barriers:
1️⃣ Self doubt eludes us.
2️⃣ We struggle to let go of our mistakes and the hurts from others.
3️⃣ We don't feel we are worthy because we have heard non-validating and non-affirming messages, continuously throughout our lives.
These words and actions have imprinted in our subconscious minds our negative perceptions of who we are.
4️⃣ We judge ourselves. We wonder, who am I to be loved?
Our self belief has been broken and it becomes difficult to accept we are worthy.
Other difficulties towards self-acceptance include:
🌀Struggling to find the time to appreciate ourselves in our hectic lives
🌀Learning to validate ourselves without others (although it is important to surround ourselves with supportive people).
First peel back your layers and let the truth of who you are begin to reveal the truth of your being.
Self acceptance can be a beautiful...
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What is self-acceptance?

self acceptance Jul 13, 2020
Have you ever felt you wish you could accept yourself more? That you weren't in constant battle with your heart and mind, replaying over and over again your flaws and weaknesses.
Right now, at this very moment, are you able to say you accept yourself in totality?
🤗 Self-acceptance is the ability to love who we are at this very moment, all aspects, weaknesses, flaws, strengths and beauties.
🤗 Self -acceptance is our own ability to validate and give ourselves credibility. We no longer seek the approval and acceptance of others because we realise we are enough and more.
Once we have accepted who we are, we are kind, compassionate and gentle with ourselves.
It is as if a weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we breathe a sigh of relief. We finally know we are okay, because for so long, we have not appreciated who we are.
We accept that we made with imperfections and that the universal force that connects us all accepts us as we are.
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