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gratitude Mar 10, 2021

Gratitude is essential to bring a deeper meaningful connection within life. Gratitude leads to your own inner profound transformation. Ancient philosophers and sages from different spiritual traditions have emphasized cultivating gratitude. It is a fundamental pillar for experiencing, developing and sustaining that inner peace, fulfillment and happiness.

In relation to mental health, gratitude and spirituality may be helpful to individuals experiencing anxiety and depression in response to a loss. The emotion of gratitude involves the feeling of appreciation, and creates a pleasant overall feeling. The perception of what is sacred, (people, experience, situation or the divine), elicits the emotions of gratitude and increase the amplitude of how they feel. This combination of spirituality and gratitude increases their ability to cope, creating a positive mindset and becoming more resilient to suffering.

Gratitude is an emotion that fills your heart. When practiced on a daily basis...

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