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Finding meaning in grief

grief healing meaning sadness Feb 22, 2021

Have you experienced loss that sometimes you don't have the words to express?

Has disconnection caused heartache and pain that is unbearable?

Do you try and find meaning and sense in grief? 

Grief can arise in many different situations in our lives. We can lose loved ones, relationships, our sense of meaning, purpose and identity, or the job we loved. We can experience grief as feeling like we don't belong in the world. Communities can grieve the loss of land and ocean spaces

We can experience grief seeing others in pain and suffering. Grief is a human emotion and experience, that is unsettling to the heart, mind and soul. Finding meaning in grief is crucial to healing. 

The stages of grief

There is no set time frame or limit to how long grief persists. It varies culturally and also historically. In some cultures the ceremonies carried out for passing of a loved one is a process which takes sometimes days or weeks and in others, it may be a few days. All for very valid...

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