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What are the benefits of living an authentic spiritual experience?

spiritual bypassing Dec 31, 2020

Like most things in life a healthy balance is required on a spiritual journey. It is important to recognise spiritual bypassing in our own journeys whilst also not focusing too much on spiritual bypassing as a means to negate every spiritual experience of ourselves and others. 

When we are able to work through our emotions and feelings in such a way that acknowledges their presence, allows them to be and helps us understand why we react and respond as we do, we are able to move forward without employing bandaid strategies.  Allowing ourselves to express who we are, loving ourselves as we are, leads to:

👉🏽 Genuinely healed wounds

👉🏽 A Greater connection within to that deeper universal place within,

👉🏽 A more wholesome and loving experience with ourselves and others

👉🏽 Spiritual and emotional growth

👉🏽 A happier life

When we are able to express how we feel in a sincere and genuine way, we are acknowledging our true nature and self.  For if we are willing...

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What can we do to ensure we minimise spiritual bypassing?

spiritual bypassing Dec 30, 2020

The goal of spirituality is for us all to find inner meaning and connection with our deeper self. The benefits of living from our authentic selves, expressing our emotions,  is when we do so, others are not afraid to do the same. It becomes a rippling effect, with more and more people realising, it’s ok to have moments of frustration, anger, sadness and to experience pain. This is part of being human and when we acknowledge these emotions, we begin to love ourselves unconditionally which is the core essence of living a spiritual life.

We can do certain activities to work towards living our most authentic spiritual life. 

👉🏽 Self acceptance work. When we understand our shadow is not our enemy and our emotions are not shortcomings, we are able to work with these emotions to move forward

👉🏽 Accept our emotions and work at processing : 

    • Express 
    • Observe
    • Accept
    • Reflect 

👉🏽 Journaling lets us express our emotions in written form

👉🏽 Practicing...

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How does spiritual bypassing affect our spiritual growth?

spiritual bypassing Dec 29, 2020

Spiritual bypassing leads us to repress feelings and emotions. It is something people do to avoid dealing with pain. This causes stunted growth, keeps us disconnected from being our true authentic self, and is not healthy. The desire to be living in a constant high and elevated state, to causes people to spiritual bypass which may manifests as: 

  • anger-phobia
  • emotional numbing and repression
  • delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being
  • focussing on the positive only leading to negative resistance of self and others
  • Self judging
  • Excessive niceness
  • Misuse of spiritual and religious truths to avoid pain

This avoidance and denial of our unaddressed wounds, detracts us from the calling of our true self, and a deeper place of compassion for others and self. Emotions serve as a function to meet our needs. Our brains have specific areas, like the limbic region, which interprets information and produces our emotional reactions. When emotions are not processed and not...

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When Spirituality Disconnects Us

spiritual bypassing Dec 28, 2020

Have you ever felt sometimes it’s easier to portray happiness than how you really feel about something because you fear being judged and seen as unspiritual? Do you stand guarded at expressing your emotions, for fear of being thought of as negative, not living a spiritual life, or failing in your spiritual path? Have you ever bared witness to a friend, family member, colleague, or partner masking their deepest and innermost pains with spiritual ideas and practices? Have you noticed others comparing ‘wholesome’ spiritual journeys with yours, but something doesn't feel right?

What is spiritual bypassing?

There has been an upsurge over the years, in people wanting to experience a spiritual life and learn what it means to connect with that innate power and Divinity within. We desire feelings of peace and love and happiness. So many of us have lived in pain and suffering, to know love is healing. There is a danger in pursuing superficial happiness rather than working...

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