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Values with Clarity

values Oct 16, 2020
Our values along with hope guide us through life's trials and tribulations.
Knowing our values helps steady us when we find life difficult.
Values may change overtime and it's important to recheck values from time to time.
Being clear of values at whatever stage you're at can help you set important meaningful goals and stay focused on what is important to you.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Different values.

values Oct 15, 2020
People have different values depending on our different backgrounds, like culture, age, class, religion and genders.
Our values affect our behaviours and what we also value in society.
Understanding we all have different values, will help us understand others which will help us work through conflict and realise that what may be right for us, may not be right for others and vice versa.
Our values may differ in our close relationships, like with partners, children, parents and friends.
This may be due to different life experiences and exposures in our life journeys. The recognition and understanding of this is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship as sometimes differing values can cause big issues with the ones closest to us.
Can you recollect a time when differing values has caused disconnection, dissatisfaction and disagreements amongst loved ones?
When we begin to understand values differ in close relationships sometimes, we can have...
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Gain Clarity.

clarity values Oct 14, 2020
Often we make decisions we regret as they are not in harmony with our values.
We may have lost sight and are not clear what is important to us.
Points to help gain clarity when we feel out of sorts:
💕Write down a list of values that are important to you.
💕Reflect on the ones you treasure the most and have difficulty with.
💕Know that sometimes we may be conflicted between values. We may feel as though we have to choose between two difficult situations both of which hold value to, for example spending time with family or attending an event that requires our service.
We can feel guilty if we choose one over the other, however it does not mean we value one more than the other.
We may need to then reflect as we go along how to balance our time and energy for both in alternation.
It is important to know that conflict and awareness can exist at the same time.
Being intentional about revisiting and paying attention to your values will help you gain clarity in...
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How do we discern what our values are?

values Oct 14, 2020
 Our values represent who we are and what is important to us.
Some may treasure family time, others trust and commitment or loyalty.
These become bench posts of where we draw certain lines in relationships with others and ourselves.
To help discern your values ask yourself these 8 questions. When you contemplate these questions, act with kindness and gentleness towards yourself.
🗣What kind of person do we want to be?
🗣Who do you admire and why? What values do they have that you would like to aspire to?
🗣What is valuable to you?
🗣What is meaningful?
🗣What really bothers you?
🗣Would you like peace of mind?
🗣Do you strive to be in balance, looking good or youthful?
🗣Are you always looking to Exercise self control?
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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What values are important to you?

values Oct 13, 2020
When life becomes challenging, what are the values that enable you to work through difficult decisions?
Do you find yourself in conflict with certain values at times?
What is important to you?
We don’t often take time out to think about these questions and consider the values that are important to us, which can help guide us through life.
Values are important as they represent what we stand for.
These change over different stages in our lives as we experience different life changes, marriage, separation, childbirth, job changes, trials and tribulations.
As these occur our focus and what is important to us changes.
Having clarity on the values that drive your actions empowers you to better understand yourself and those you care for.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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Needs of the Human Spirit - Values

spiritual needs values Jan 05, 2020

Values are another important need of the human spirit.

Honouring and Serving,
Simran Rattan

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