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10 things we can do to be more self-compassionate.

self compassion Jul 31, 2020
❤️ Be aware of our suffering and less judgemental of our experiences
❤️ Actively sooth and comfort ourselves after something goes wrong
❤️ Tender and warm touch releases oxytocin, which has a calming effect.
❤️ Observe our language and replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk
❤️Create a self-care vision board of activities to address of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
❤️Engage in self-compassion meditations and exercises eg: Yin and Yang self-compassion
❤️Yin – comforting soothing and validating thoughts, being with ourselves
❤️Yang – acting in the world, protecting, providing, motivating eg setting boundaries, saying no
❤️Talk to others who have been through similar experiences, thereby realising our shared connectedness in experiencing hardship
❤️Also ask the question – if a patient walked into my clinic right now and shared the same story, what would I say to them?
Reference: Kristen Neff: Self compassion and
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3 reasons we may struggle to be self-compassionate?

self compassion Jul 29, 2020
⚡️We struggle to be self-compassionate because of the words and beliefs we were taught as we were growing up.
⚡️We have been socially conditioned to put others first and that this is more important than caring for ourselves.
⚡️Our inner critical voice built a set of negative beliefs within that have been buried in our sub-conscious minds. These repetitive negative thoughts leave less room for loving and kind thoughts, to develop compassionate response to our imperfections.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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What is self-compassion?

self compassion Jul 28, 2020
🌺 Self-compassion is being kind and tender to ourselves as we would with others who are experiencing heartache, trial or tribulation.
🌺 It is the moment we sit with ourselves and self-reflect without harsh judgement or criticism.
🌺 It is being gentle with our own mind, heart and soul.
🌺 It is realising, while it is a gift of loving kindness to be compassionate towards others spiritually, we need to afford ourselves the same loving kindness.
Dr Kristin Neff, researcher on self-compassion states,
“With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend.” This statement is powerful.
When we reflect on some of the things we say and do, for our friends & family who come to us with a problem, often the thoughts and words we share with them, come from a place of compassion, acceptance and non-judgement.
Think of some of the things you say to someone you care about, who come to you with a...
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