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Spiritual health/needs of our health partners

spiritual health Nov 27, 2020
When you are with your health partners, do you find it difficult to ask about spiritual health, unsure of what to say or how to inquire about it all?
Do you worry about what you may discover and how to manage all the information?
Everyone’s spirit has needs.
Our health partners come to us mostly when they are sick, worn out, stressed and their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being are out of sync. Some are in serious spiritual distress. In order to support their return to wellness, we need to know what their spirit needs for healing.
Barriers to asking about spiritual health
As clinicians/health workers there are many reasons we may feel that make it difficult for us to ask about spiritual health.
Some of these barriers include:
📌The broad definition of spirituality makes it difficult to know what to ask for and we don’t know how to do this.
📌Fear our health partners may not want to be asked about...
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