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Would this trigger your anger?

anger Nov 06, 2020
Pic of my 4yo destruction from rage, would this trigger your anger?
Does your own anger scare you sometimes? Do you just want to throw everything in sight?
Do you ever find yourself yelling at your children or your partner and unable to stop? Do you feel your negative emotions consume you and it’s hard to let them go?
Many times our rage and anger is fed by our assumptions and perception about a certain situation. Anger can prevent us also from forgiving.
A very well known downside of rage is it’s affects on our health, causing mental distress, blood pressure problems, ulcers, headaches. Chronic stress leads to increase inflammatory markers which are precursor to chronic diseases.
The upside of anger and rage is if you know how to harness it, you can use it intentionally and with awareness to move you forward rather than being bound by it.
Rage has helped many people gain the courage to leave unhealthy situations or has triggered...
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