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Spiritual healthcare provider

A spiritual healthcare provider, is there in our times of need. To listen, nurture and care for us in a spiritually loving matter.
They provide the support others may not have the energy for and understand our pain and suffering during vulnerable moments in our lives.
They are specialists in spiritual distress and offer counselling to allow patients, families and staff to share and express their feelings, emotions and thoughts regarding their health and well-being.
A crucial and vital service during stressful times, the spiritual healthcare network provides soul nurturing healing for all.
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What questions can we ask as health-workers if a spiritual healthcare provider or chaplain is not available?

Don’t know what questions to start with when exploring spirituality with your health partners (patients)?
Spiritual health care providers are trained to counsel many in times of need.
Some questions spiritual advisors may use to engage with patients, families and staff include the following:
✅ What brings meaning into your life?
✅ What is important in your life?
✅Where are your significant relationships?
✅What values are most important to you?
✅What gives you strength in challenging times?
✅ What is disrupting access to resources that uplift you right now?
If a spiritual health care provider is not available, these questions offer guidance for healthcare workers, to engage and support patients and family.
These questions encompass all people no matter what their beliefs. These help each person to reflect and thus begin the process of exploring themselves.
Evidence supports that by nourishing the needs of the spirit, we help those who feel...
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What are spiritual healthcare providers or chaplains?

Have you ever felt like you or your patient needed someone to talk to at the bedside in the hospital or as an outpatient?
To discuss your fears and worries about being unwell, about life, about death?
To be able to express to someone when you are sick, your frustrations, hurts, joys and pains that you may not be able to share with healthcare staff, family or friends?
Or to help you sort through the pain of your spirit?
Healthcare facilities like hospitals can be a very lonely place. Staff are busy frantically pacing the corridors trying to take care of people and visiting hours are often restricted.
Sometimes family and friends can’t always make it in to say hello in their busy lives. Some people don’t always have someone who can stop in and pay a visit, being distant from family and friends for whatever reasons.
This is the value of each hospital having a spiritual healthcare provider (SHP) onsite, to provide the company and presence...
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