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What questions can we ask as health-workers if a spiritual healthcare provider or chaplain is not available?

Don’t know what questions to start with when exploring spirituality with your health partners (patients)?
Spiritual health care providers are trained to counsel many in times of need.
Some questions spiritual advisors may use to engage with patients, families and staff include the following:
✅ What brings meaning into your life?
✅ What is important in your life?
✅Where are your significant relationships?
✅What values are most important to you?
✅What gives you strength in challenging times?
✅ What is disrupting access to resources that uplift you right now?
If a spiritual health care provider is not available, these questions offer guidance for healthcare workers, to engage and support patients and family.
These questions encompass all people no matter what their beliefs. These help each person to reflect and thus begin the process of exploring themselves.
Evidence supports that by nourishing the needs of the spirit, we help those who feel despondent with their health, cope better, gain strength and be more resilient in their lives.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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