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How can we cultivate self esteem and support others to do the same?

self esteem Aug 28, 2020
As we get older, we are navigating so many life situations all at once. Because of this, we will filter out information based on our core beliefs, hence it is important to work on changing how we see ourselves.
We need to develop a healthy self- esteem, to live fulfilling and loving lives.
Make time to schedule self esteem work.
Here are 6 Things to help with self esteem
1️⃣Write down positive things about yourself, which help you see your positive traits.
❤️I AM statements are powerful eg I AM generous
2️⃣Stop the inner critic.
🧠Our minds run away with ourselves. When it becomes too much we need to just say stop!
🛑Stop negative evaluations eg: “ I should have done this or that.”
🛑Stop labelling yourself negatively. When something happens, stop saying, “ I am hopeless.”
3️⃣Surround yourself with nurturing people
When you are feeling fragile, it is important to be around people you feel emotionally safe with, so you can continue to rebuild your...
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Why does low self esteem stick better than superglue?

self esteem Aug 27, 2020
When we have developed core beliefs about ourselves from what we have heard and experienced, we tend to focus and pay attention to what we believe and process incoming information accordingly.
Thus we develop expectations of what we think may happen in our lives based on our beliefs about ourselves, before events even happen.
For example.
We may have been told, “ You are stupid,” by someone in authority.
If our core belief becomes, “ I am stupid ,” then we may enter a situation, like work with the belief already, we are stupid.
This belief will affect how we feel about ourselves and our performance at work may not be our best.
We may get nervous, make mistakes, feel uncomfortable, NOT because we are stupid, but because we believe we are stupid.
This highlights the importance of working on our core beliefs.
Dr Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist works on rewiring the brain, based on his research of neuroplasticity, the ability...
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