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5 Surprising Facts About Rejection Sensitivity

rejection sensitivity Apr 17, 2020

How do you deal with Rejection?

Did your heart start racing in anticipation? Does your mind and body get overwhelmed? Did you anxiously expect? Or intensively react to rejection?

Some people have “high rejection sensitivity”

This article interestingly points out that those who are highly sensitive to rejection:

 Are physiologically more on alert when they’re reminded of rejection cues

 have specific ways their brain and bodies behave, and often very real consequences it lights up neural fireworks which runs rampant.

it’s not that unpleasantness activates this for them its specific to rejection

 women, specifically, engaged in more negative behaviours after a relationship conflict, such as being hostile, denying responsibility, putting their partner down, or making negative assumptions about their partner.


What can help someone to overcome high rejection sensitivity? (Tips from me and this article)

 Delay Gratification at a young age...

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