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Gain Clarity.

clarity values Oct 14, 2020
Often we make decisions we regret as they are not in harmony with our values.
We may have lost sight and are not clear what is important to us.
Points to help gain clarity when we feel out of sorts:
💕Write down a list of values that are important to you.
💕Reflect on the ones you treasure the most and have difficulty with.
💕Know that sometimes we may be conflicted between values. We may feel as though we have to choose between two difficult situations both of which hold value to, for example spending time with family or attending an event that requires our service.
We can feel guilty if we choose one over the other, however it does not mean we value one more than the other.
We may need to then reflect as we go along how to balance our time and energy for both in alternation.
It is important to know that conflict and awareness can exist at the same time.
Being intentional about revisiting and paying attention to your values will help you gain clarity in...
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What do you do to gain clarity?

clarity meaning Sep 03, 2020
What do you do to gain clarity?
How would you help someone find meaning?
When I feel unclear on what direction to go, I reflect on the many questions mentioned and how these tie to my vision and needs of my spirit.
One of my needs is connecting to the universal creative intelligent life force within, through meditation.
When I think of how this ties to my purpose or my way of life I almost always get the answer to my what and why of my doing and being.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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