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Breaking Delusion

Some people choose to move through life burying their head in the sand and some choose to be brave and face the truth.

How do you stop seeing things the way you want to see them, as opposed to the truth that might be right in front of you?

We choose to bury our heads in the sand and not see the truth. A common example is getting stuck in unhealthy relationships. This has happened to me. I remember convincing myself that it was healthy but deep down I knew it was not. I knew the struggle was my ego battling my spirit. I chose to ignore the struggle within. I chose to be blind and bury my head in the sand. All because I was afraid of a painful outcome. One that was not to my ego’s liking. I was denying myself the truth. I didn’t listen to others who so graciously pointed it out. I didn’t listen to that obvious discomfort that was always there in the pit of my stomach and in my heart.

Despite my refusal to listen to the voice of others and my own, there was always a...

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