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Community Circle

community circle Apr 01, 2020

Creating harmony within by connecting to your community circle. Your person.

Who is part of your community circle?

Has physical distancing made you feel less connected? Social connection is a vital part of your being. It is the secrets sauce to wellbeing. You’re social interactions can still continue to be even though you are physically distant.

Virtual is one way, another thing you can do to feel connected is by going within. Connecting yourself to your inner life force that connects us all.

Consider this exercise to help you feel connected those you can’t see physically. Think of the people in your circle. Choose someone to think of specifically. Close your eyes and imagine they are in front of you.

What emotions do you feel or pops up for you? Embrace that feeling now and fill your heart with more love.

Find 3 positive words to describe your relationship with that person.

Then imagine sending those feelings out to them.

Then open your eyes and give thanks for having...

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