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woebot Apr 02, 2020

Woebot, an app to help anxiety? It exists.

I Tried it and I was pleasantly surprised!

It’s a scary time in the world right now and an app called Woebot is offering to help with "Tiny conversations to feel your best.” I decided to check it out to see if it may help those who are suffering anxiety and fear around the pandemic. And I was pleasantly amazed how it focuses on the positive.

It highlights the positive collaboration and acts of kindness that people are doing right now during the pandemic:
It highlights the viral video of people in Italy singing from their apartment windows to keep each other's spirits up. 
It creates a feeling of heartfelt warmth by telling us of low-risk people signing up to do odd jobs for the elderly who can't leave their houses.
It reminds us about how good it feels to do things for others.

Woebot also smartly tells you how it’s trying to shift your perspective. One way it does this is by comparing and creating a picture that...

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