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Authentic expression

authenticity Dec 02, 2020
Authentic expression is something that can be hard when we are worried about what others will think or how they will react.
A way I help myself be authentic is by making sure that what I say honours who I am.
What I mean by that is I ask myself if I say this does it align with my own self, my values, my spiritual beliefs and do I feel it resonated from a deeper place.
Sometimes when we voice our opinions they are not well received and we don’t feel good about what others said in response of our own expression.
When we learn to authentically express, its like learning anything,
You first have to do it and then you learn how to refine your expression.
So if people don’t take it well you refine the way you say something and still make sure that what you express resonates with you.
However there are some times when you have said things that were refined and you still get backlash.
If you had humility, kindness and...
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Authenticity leads to Higher Self-esteem and life satisfaction

authenticity Jul 10, 2020
There are researchers who believe authenticity, when well developed, leads to higher self esteem and life satisfaction. Goldman and Kernis (2002) developed an authenticity inventory and defined being authentic as, when a person has developed these 4 qualities:
1️⃣ An awareness of one's motives, feelings desires, strengths weaknesses, traits and emotions.
2️⃣ The ability to be objective in our positive and negative attributes and qualities
3️⃣ When we act in accordance with our values and not acting to please others for reward. Being true to ourselves
4️⃣ When we value openness and truthfulness in close relationships and work actively in this process.
We can work towards being authentic in our daily living, by setting a clear vision of who we would like to be.
Visualising ourselves in our full expression and setting realistic and attainable goals to achieve this. (This is what I do as an integrative health coach)
For example, we may wish to meet new people who like...
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Resources on Authenticity

authenticity Jul 10, 2020
Some Resources for your health partners (patients) or yourself on Authenticity.
Websites with courses or exercises:
Books in no particular order:
1️⃣ The Gifts of Imperfection Brene Brown
2️⃣The Authenticity Principle Ritu Bhasin
3️⃣How to see yourself as you really are - The Dalai Lama
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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The Courage To Be You

authenticity Jul 09, 2020
7 ways to help you be more authentic:
🌺Be intentional about Sharing feelings with those we love respectfully and kindly as much as you can
🌺 Work on your own Self acceptance
🌺 Work on your own Self love and Self Worth
🌺Intentionally give yourself permission to express yourself
🌺Be in relationships with those who accept you as you are and are authentic themselves
🌺Get intentional about reflecting on what emotions come up for you when you feel like “shrinking” when challenging situations arise
🌺Embrace that you are not perfect and that is ok. You can Healthy strive - how can I improve? vs. Unhealthy strive What will they think?
The beauty about being yourself, is you are unique. No one was made exactly like you.
Even monozygotic identical twins have different personalities. No one has your physical appearance, your mind, your soul, your insights, your perceptions of the world.
People may share common attributes, common ideals, but there is only ONE...
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What are the sacrifices of not being authentic?

authenticity Jul 08, 2020
Here are 5 Things we may sacrifice when we are not living Authentically:
1) A Meaningful life
2) A Purposeful Life
4) A Self-Compassionate Life
4) A life full of Lasting Relationships
5) A life of Self Growth & Discovery
We feel resistance when we are not ourselves.
Our spirit knows it.
We feel lost and something is amiss in our lives.
We feel stunted in growth.
We feel like we have offered the world a tailored version of who we are and continue to constantly modify ourselves for approval.
In this process, the relationships we form with others may not be long lasting if only a version of ourselves that is accepted is worthy of acknowledgement.
We may miss finding our unique attributes, skills and talents because we are suppressing who we really are.
We don't feel good even though others may like us.
As we start to break free and feel more authentic, we may notice that the friendships and relationships, who only liked a certain version of...
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What Is Authenticity?

authenticity Jul 06, 2020
Do you feel like you are being yourself? Or maybe you are trying to be yourself but shy away from that person depending on the situation?
What is Authenticity?
Authenticity is key to living a life that is joyful, meaningful and purposeful.
It is about honouring who you are and letting yourself be free to express without any judgment, free from your own judgment, or the judgements of others.
Genuinity with yourself is the key to having the courage to be you.
Here are 5 key thoughts on what I think Authenticity is:
🌺Being Genuine with yourself
🌺Embracing who you are
🌺Knowing who you are
🌺Understanding you are not perfect
🌺Loving yourself and your idiosyncrasies
Being authentic means allowing ourselves to express our emotions to others and know that it’s ok to be angry, sad, upset in a healthy way.
Having these emotions is a natural part of being human and authenticity means we don't have to suppress them.
We allow these emotions to...
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