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What Is Authenticity?

authenticity Jul 06, 2020
Do you feel like you are being yourself? Or maybe you are trying to be yourself but shy away from that person depending on the situation?
What is Authenticity?
Authenticity is key to living a life that is joyful, meaningful and purposeful.
It is about honouring who you are and letting yourself be free to express without any judgment, free from your own judgment, or the judgements of others.
Genuinity with yourself is the key to having the courage to be you.
Here are 5 key thoughts on what I think Authenticity is:
🌺Being Genuine with yourself
🌺Embracing who you are
🌺Knowing who you are
🌺Understanding you are not perfect
🌺Loving yourself and your idiosyncrasies
Being authentic means allowing ourselves to express our emotions to others and know that it’s ok to be angry, sad, upset in a healthy way.
Having these emotions is a natural part of being human and authenticity means we don't have to suppress them.
We allow these emotions to surface in the moment and find ways to acknowledge and channel them so that they dissipate in a healthy manner.
Authenticity is about having the courage to live from that innate place of deep truth within.
We each have unique attributes, personality traits and qualities.
When we are aware of our own uniqueness there is no need to compare ourselves to others.
We are able to embrace our skills, talents, insights and grow to become the full expression of who we are.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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