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What are the sacrifices of not being authentic?

authenticity Jul 08, 2020
Here are 5 Things we may sacrifice when we are not living Authentically:
1) A Meaningful life
2) A Purposeful Life
4) A Self-Compassionate Life
4) A life full of Lasting Relationships
5) A life of Self Growth & Discovery
We feel resistance when we are not ourselves.
Our spirit knows it.
We feel lost and something is amiss in our lives.
We feel stunted in growth.
We feel like we have offered the world a tailored version of who we are and continue to constantly modify ourselves for approval.
In this process, the relationships we form with others may not be long lasting if only a version of ourselves that is accepted is worthy of acknowledgement.
We may miss finding our unique attributes, skills and talents because we are suppressing who we really are.
We don't feel good even though others may like us.
As we start to break free and feel more authentic, we may notice that the friendships and relationships, who only liked a certain version of who we are, will fall wayside.
We may short term begin to feel alone however, in knowing that like attracts like, those who are like us will be drawn to us because of the energy we create within and radiate out.
Think of it this way our unruly mind has ruled us for so long and it can feel like we are just stuck in the way we perceive ourselves.
Remember that your perceptions affect your reality and the battle of your unruly mind with your spirit’s need for living a life of authenticity will surely begin to dissolve as you take the time to honour yourself.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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