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Authenticity leads to Higher Self-esteem and life satisfaction

authenticity Jul 10, 2020
There are researchers who believe authenticity, when well developed, leads to higher self esteem and life satisfaction. Goldman and Kernis (2002) developed an authenticity inventory and defined being authentic as, when a person has developed these 4 qualities:
1️⃣ An awareness of one's motives, feelings desires, strengths weaknesses, traits and emotions.
2️⃣ The ability to be objective in our positive and negative attributes and qualities
3️⃣ When we act in accordance with our values and not acting to please others for reward. Being true to ourselves
4️⃣ When we value openness and truthfulness in close relationships and work actively in this process.
We can work towards being authentic in our daily living, by setting a clear vision of who we would like to be.
Visualising ourselves in our full expression and setting realistic and attainable goals to achieve this. (This is what I do as an integrative health coach)
For example, we may wish to meet new people who like similar hobbies as we do. We could visualise being in the presence of others with similar interests day and night and feel the good emotions of being around others who are like minded.
We could then practically work towards meeting these people by visiting places, where like minded people go.
Surrounding ourselves with people who are inspiring and accept us with our idiosyncrasies, will continually encourage us to be ourselves.
Having the courage to express our innermost feelings to those around us. We don't have to let it all out, but perhaps starting with sharing some of our innermost thoughts regarding certain topics or events on a weekly basis.
The more we are able to express ourselves freely, the more confidence we will gain in feeling that we are being ourselves.
When conflict arises, having the courage to speak our truth, assertively, fulfills the relational aspect of Goldman and Kernis Authenticity inventory.
This is a skill that requires practice, especially if we have learnt that conflict will lead to more conflict and we have learnt to suppress our emotions.
The more we are able to be ourselves assertively, we open the doors for others to move towards their authentic self also in sharing their feelings.
Authenticity requires a lot of self work, regarding self-acceptance. Be kind to yourself. The more self-accepting we are of ourselves the easier it will be to be authentic.
This means taking time out to love different aspects of who we are.
The fact we are morning people or night owls. The fact we like our eggs sunny side up and not fried.
The fact the Universe gave us unique ways of seeing the world for a purpose.
The fact we are not always perfect and that is okay.
Self acceptance takes time and from it we will become more and more authentic.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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