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The Courage To Be You

authenticity Jul 09, 2020
7 ways to help you be more authentic:
🌺Be intentional about Sharing feelings with those we love respectfully and kindly as much as you can
🌺 Work on your own Self acceptance
🌺 Work on your own Self love and Self Worth
🌺Intentionally give yourself permission to express yourself
🌺Be in relationships with those who accept you as you are and are authentic themselves
🌺Get intentional about reflecting on what emotions come up for you when you feel like “shrinking” when challenging situations arise
🌺Embrace that you are not perfect and that is ok. You can Healthy strive - how can I improve? vs. Unhealthy strive What will they think?
The beauty about being yourself, is you are unique. No one was made exactly like you.
Even monozygotic identical twins have different personalities. No one has your physical appearance, your mind, your soul, your insights, your perceptions of the world.
People may share common attributes, common ideals, but there is only ONE YOU.
When we have the courage to be ourselves, we live as our Spirit intended us to be and inspire others to accept who they really are.
We are able to reach our full potential. We are able to live fulfilling lives, because there is freedom in being oneself.
As we let our light shine, we inspire others to shine also and thus more and more people are becoming in touch with themselves and connecting within to honour the needs of their spirit.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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