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Different values.

values Oct 15, 2020
People have different values depending on our different backgrounds, like culture, age, class, religion and genders.
Our values affect our behaviours and what we also value in society.
Understanding we all have different values, will help us understand others which will help us work through conflict and realise that what may be right for us, may not be right for others and vice versa.
Our values may differ in our close relationships, like with partners, children, parents and friends.
This may be due to different life experiences and exposures in our life journeys. The recognition and understanding of this is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship as sometimes differing values can cause big issues with the ones closest to us.
Can you recollect a time when differing values has caused disconnection, dissatisfaction and disagreements amongst loved ones?
When we begin to understand values differ in close relationships sometimes, we can have healthier relationships.
Difference may also help us identify what we are willing to accept and tolerate for our own health and well-being.
We may be able to compromise with some values, others may be so important to you and you feel you cannot compromise.
Discussing these within your close relationships is important to ensure that you have explored all options to maintain connection.
Even in the workplace our values will different between job roles, researchers, organisational set up and patients themselves.
When workplace values conflict, this can lead to misunderstanding and malfunctioning of healthcare delivery.
Organisational values may not be the same as the wider community values and so there needs to be good communication between healthcare providers and workers and the community, to understand community needs and values.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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