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How can we accept ourselves more?

self acceptance Jul 14, 2020
Here are 5 ways to learn self-acceptance
1️⃣ Positive affirmations
2️⃣ Mirror work
3️⃣ Reading and listening to affirming material
4️⃣ Standing guard with our thoughts about ourselves and replacing negative thoughts
5️⃣ Express gratitude
The process of self acceptance begins with an acknowledgement of ourselves as we are.
We take the step to say, “I am ok as I am,” and set the intention to change our mindset of our own self-perceptions.
We may start with affirmations daily and reaffirm ourselves through repetition. It is important to feed our minds nourishing self-accepting thoughts, whether it be through reading books, social media posts, youtube videos or podcasts. (I do a whole module on mind imprinting technique and maximizing your minds potential, in my soon to be released online meditation course).
Mirror work can be an important tool for self acceptance and love as looking at ourselves creates an awareness of what we think and feel about ourselves, because we are immediately reflecting back through the mirror. (As a health and wellness coach I hold the mirror up so you can see clearly your reflections)
Mirror Work helps because:
🌀 We become more aware of our inner critic and work with the negative thoughts about ourselves, to learn what we need to learn, to bring us to loving self-perception.
🌀 We are more kinder and compassionate to ourselves for having these thoughts and experiences.
🌀 We judge ourselves less in the process of self acceptance. We work on expressing thanks for the things we do have in our lives.
The last few on the list are self explanatory.
Be intentional about your thoughts at the same time learn to let go and surrender them to your deeper wisdom within.
Be grateful for what you have and what you don’t have. Gratitude brings miraculous strength and clarity of yourself. Practice and expressing it will help you connect within and honours yourself and those you love and care for.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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