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7 Points to remember when thinking about the meaning to life.

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020
7 Points to remember when thinking about the meaning to life.
There are certain aspects to remember as we go along this journey, that will move us to fulfilling our spiritual needs.
1️⃣ Everyone is unique.
We all have unique talents and skills and can contribute to the world in ways others are unable to.
This is the point of difference and something to continuously remind ourselves.
There are so many painful things happening in the world that require someone who’s passionate about them to support or contribute in any way.
2️⃣ Be prepared to leave our comfort zones. Our spirit calls us to be ourselves and share our uniqueness and passion.
Following our heart requires the risk of being vulnerable and the acceptance that there will be tough times.
3️⃣ When tough times do arise, because life is full of the unexpected, take the time to pause and rebalance. No matter how long it is, always hold onto your passion.
4️⃣ Form relationships and connections who share your same passion.
Ensure you feel a sense of belonging in these relationships as this will help foster and strengthen your passion.
Together, there is mutual respect and love to cultivate it. We also learn from those emerged in the craft and vice versa.
5️⃣ Conserve your energy, dreams and ideas. Not everyone will be supportive of what you do.
Today the world is very competitive and to avoid having your dreams shattered, it’s good to do a lot of preparation work behind the scenes.
6️⃣ Have 1 book to write all your goals, thoughts and ideas down to cultivate your path as it broadens.
7️⃣ Schedule regular times, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly to reflect on areas of improvement and how to continue to cultivate your passion.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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