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Addressing kids consciously.

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020
If you are finding that your kids are a bit more demanding or clingy recently especially since the start of the pandemic, they may be feeling a bit anxious about what is going on and find safety and comfort from you as their parent.
Consider these tips to help you as a parent deal with the emotions and be a conscious parent:
🌺Being mindful about your kid may be feeling unsafe because they hear all the talk about COVID so this could be why they are clinging to you or seem more anxious.
🌺Ask yourself daily if the message of love, unconditional belonging and significance is getting through to your kids
🌺 You May not like their behaviour or attitude but remember there is always a reason behind the behaviour. If you can figure out the cause it will help you to find the best solutions
🌺 Active listening will always relay the message that you care, it makes them know you are always connected with them and love them.
🌺Develop your own self care practice because it will provide you with the patience and strength to lead your children with compassion
🌺 Take the time to reinforce your love and appreciation of your children’s gifts and talents
🌺 Enjoy and accept your children you have in front of you with no judgement
🌺Maintaining a consistent routine for your children and yourself decreases stress
Being conscious about the needs of your children’s spirit will ensure their mental and spiritual well being.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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