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Benefits of healthy connection

connection Sep 23, 2020
Research has also shown a lack of connection can cause greater harm to health.
Dr Julianne Holt Lundstan has done extensive research on social connections and the impact of this on wellbeing.
She highlights 5 harms caused by disconnection:
1️⃣Premature mortality
2️⃣Comparable to the risk of smoking 15 cigarettes a day
3️⃣30% risk greater of having a stroke
4️⃣Greater risk than obesity on health
5️⃣Greater anxiety and depression
Here are 5 benefits of feeling connected:
1️⃣50% greater survival than those with less connection
2️⃣Better self esteem and empathy
3️⃣Strengthens immune system
4️⃣Better emotional regulation
5️⃣Better blood pressure.
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