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Connection with ourselves first

connection Sep 24, 2020
Connecting with ourselves affects how we connect with others.
We all vary in how we feel about connection and ways to experience it.
Understanding what connection means for us, takes time.
Some may connect with feeling at harmony and at peace.
Others may feel connected with the following:
1️⃣Focusing and clarifying on what they want to do with themselves in lives
2️⃣Spending time in nature, taking time to reflect on our lives
3️⃣Going for a walk, bike ride
4️⃣Meditation, worship or prayer
5️⃣Reading scripture or books of interest
6️⃣Listening to spirit nurturing podcasts and videos or music
7️⃣Creative art making
In the process of self transformation and connecting with our inner being, we are better able to support others in their transformation also.
Consider answering, for yourself, these 2 questions:
🌀How do you help your health partners (patients) to connect within themselves?
🌀What prescription do you write for others and yourself that does this?
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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