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Forgiveness can be a spark of light within us.

forgiveness Jun 29, 2020
Forgiveness can be a spark of light within us. It is healing and transformative.
We have all experienced a time when we have found it difficult to forgive someone whether it be family, friends, colleagues, or someone we don’t know who has hurt us.
Our painful emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experiences are stored deep in our cells and memory, harboured in our subconscious minds and pierce our hearts.
These experiences can take a toll on one’s being and it feels like crushed glass flowing through our veins.
Sometimes, we feel we can’t shake or get rid of the pain, and this pain finds a home in our body, mind, dampening our spirit's inspiration and expression.
We do not need to embark on the process of forgiveness for anyone else but ourselves.
It is important to remember, although we may not be able to forget, deny or even accept the experience, forgiveness is about setting ourselves free. It is for our own healing, and growth. To no longer let the thoughts of others have a hold or control on our subconscious and conscious minds and hearts.
The process of forgiveness, arises at any-time, whether it be at the end of life, or during chronic illness.
The process of intentionally wanting to start to forgive, can arise when we may feel heartache and heaviness that we know no longer serves us, and we seek to be free.
Forgiveness is power for those ready to take the next step in letting go.
Whether we are forgiving ourselves, or forgiving others for pains inflicted upon us, the combination of cosmic love, timing and our own spirit, leads us to forgiveness, as a profound spiritual healing.
What is it?
Forgiveness is intentional. It is that moment when we say, we no longer want to feel this way. We want to move on. We want to love. Our desire to release feelings of resentment outweighs our need to hold on to pain. We may not be equipped, but we know that it is important. Having that knowing that this is important for our own self allows for that innate healing to start to take place.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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