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How can we be creative in our lives?

creativity Oct 29, 2020
When creativity is stifled it is important to find the right outlets in our lives for creative expression.
Being creative is the quality we bring to life and being creative is to be in love with life.
The more we tap into our creative energy, the more we will want to enhance and contribute to the beauty of life.
When we connect to our spiritual self our creativity flows more strongly and clearly.
8 questions you can ask yourself and health partners (patients) are:
💕What do you love doing?
💕How do you fan that creative spark?
💕What are you energised by?
💕What makes you feel connected to your own inner source?
💕What can you do to build this connection?
💕What activity helps you gain a sense of
peace, clarity and a feeling of fulfillment on completion?
💕What do you do that makes you feel that you are contributing in a positive way to your own and others wellbeing?
💕What do you find comes naturally for you to do?
People create in different ways.
Tapping into our creativity, nurturing it and practicing it daily helps us cultivate this skill.
It's good to connect with others who have a similar creative interest, to share ideas, support one another and network.
There is an aspect of vulnerability, when engaging with something we love to do creatively, however nothing is gained from trying to suppress our spirits inner need.
Let your creative energy flow and allow yourself to connect within and express who you are.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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