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How can we manage our emotions and thoughts in a healthy way?

emotional agility Aug 19, 2020
It is exhausting when emotions and thoughts take hold.
It has a snowball effect stopping us in our tracks from living and enjoying our lives.
We become rigid in our thinking and this isn’t healthy.
We move forward by understanding and processing these emotions.
It is important to recognize what's going on and having a way to navigate through everything we are experiencing.
Dr Susan David and her team have developed a way to move beyond our emotions and thoughts that hold us in limbo and keep us stagnant.
The four step process is as follows:
✅ Recognise patterns
✅ Label thoughts and emotions accurately
✅ Accept Them
✅Action on your values
Research shows that attempting to minimize or ignore thoughts and emotions serves only to amplify them.
Gaining emotional agility will help you to begin the process of noticing when you are being absorbed by your thoughts and emotions. This will help you lead yourself out of old patterns that do not serve you.
Making you better for yourself, those you love and provide better care for your patients.
You will create a more fulfilling life.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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