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How can we minimise burnout in our lives?

burnout Aug 06, 2020
The following is important to do to reduce burnout:
At work:
✅Take regular breaks at work.
It is important to have regular rests and breaks. We need to factor in our lunch and dinner breaks while at work.
We live in a society that glorifies the martyrdom of business and the workplace itself is designed for productivity.
However for optimal and quality care of our patients, we ourselves have to be in good condition, focussed and well rested. Take your breaks.
✅ Delegate work and don't take work home with you
✅ Negotiate rosters so they are not as intense and have ample rostered days off
Don't work on days you are not rostered
✅ Schedule leave time off work
Make sure you organise your leave in advance
At home:
❤️ Do relaxing activities on your days off
❤️Read a book, sleep, go for a walk and get fresh air.
❤️Minimise intense activity on your days off.
🏅🎖Honour yourself, be kind to yourself, allow yourself the time you need to create your own self-love and acceptance. Ask yourself what will I do today to honour me? and how/when will I do it?
❤️ Take up yoga, meditation, swimming, something that rejuvenates your soul
❤️ Ask for help with errands at home
❤️ Find time for self care
❤️ Reward yourself after a busy week or month. Give yourself goals to work towards, like a weekend away.
❤️ Have a good work -life balance
There has to be life outside of work.
❤️Engage with people who are not in the medical field so you can have discussions about anything but work.
💟Take at least 20 mins daily to Connect within to the things that are meaningful and important to you (write it down in a journal or reflect)
🙏Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for (write it down daily)
✅Create a schedule in the AM that includes time for the things you love to do (and stick to it)
😽 Affirmations! Create 3 positive affirmations and say them to yourself and put in places you can see daily!
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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