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How Do We Cultivate Humility?

humility Jun 07, 2020

What is humility? 

Humility is a Divine quality that brings forth wisdom, an understanding and strength within us. It enables us to draw closer to the Divine, and thus experience love within and with others. 

It is often mistaken as hiding ourselves away, so as not to be seen or heard. To be quiet about our skills, gifts and talents. However, in its truest and purest form, it is the recognition and acknowledgement that all that we are comes from the Highest source. That we exist not of our own doing, but from a power and Source that is Supreme. It is from the grace of this Source we are able to exist and manifest all that we are in co-creation and knowing this, is in essence, humility.


How do we cultivate humility?

Life experience can be our greatest teacher. We can be humbled by events, people, positive or negative experiences. Take for example, being blessed with a home. This can be a humbling experience if one has not had a home gifted before. 

 We can be humbled by learning, for example making assumptions about others and being corrected in our assumptions. We can be humbled by presumed failure, or not obtaining that which we desire. Once we learn that it is not necessary to possess or obtain everything we desire, when we take a step back and let go, it is in this letting go and having patience we are humbled. Humility grows within from our quiet patience and more than often, we do eventually reach our destination or goal. This is when we have learned that there is plenty for all and to bare witness to others happiness in a genuine way that wishes others well. 

We can learn about humility in relationships, witnessing someone we know and their sincere humility which also is evident in their love and care for others. 

We can be humbled by places and other people's lives. Bearing witness to tragedies can help us appreciate all that we ourselves have. 

We can learn about humility from scripture, reading the words and wisdom enshrined in all the sacred scriptures.


The benefits of humility

Humility allows us to stop and appreciate life and others. When we are humble, in our knowing we exist through Divine grace, our eyes and hearts are open to seeing others in a Divine light. 

We are teachable and open when we are humble.

We have less fear in humility because we know we are connected to and blessed by our Infinite self. 

We are better able to acknowledge positive traits of others and less likely to intentionally cause harm to others.

We are more aware of our strengths and weaknesses. 

Humility keeps us level-headed, flexible and adaptable. We also become more respectful of others.


Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD
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