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How do we navigate through uncertainty

uncertainty Dec 16, 2020
Being around people who reassure us, when we don't have the strength 
  • It's important to be around people who do not add to our uncertainty about life. Pick some trusted friends, colleagues or family, who you can confide in. They may also be able to share different perspectives and ideas to help you gain clarity and can be a source of strength. If there is noone at present to be there, there are various local support teams  available. Some people  regain strength from being re-energized by being alone rather than with people. Some people prefer not to be alone and desire company that is uplifting. During uncertain times, we must seek out people who understand what we are going through and can be with us. 
Know who you are. 
  • This if anytime, is the time most needed for us to know who we are. And sometimes it feels like the hardest thing to do. To dig deep into our good qualities and remind ourselves of what we have done and can do that contributes to the world. We all have different qualities and skills, precisely for this reason. We may not be able to predict what lies ahead, but we can remind ourselves, of the things we have done to be there for someone, something, some cause or in a work or family space. Even if it is 1 thing, that is 1 thing that helped another. 
Developing core values, to guide us and to help gain clarity. 
  • returning to our core values, what matters to us, what is important to us, can assist us in times of uncertainty.  Trust maybe an important aspect of your life decision or respect. If the uncertainty involves not knowing what lies ahead, knowing  your core values can centre you, to know that whatever happens in your life, it will emerge and evolve around these values.

Centering ourselves 

  • Often when we are experiencing chaos, we are sensitive to everything happening around us and it can become overwhelming. Take an hour or half a day if possible, to regain our centre. This may mean time away from people, however that hour is crucial to be able to regain some kind of composure, as we are better able to experience clarity with a less overwhelmed mind.
  • Go for.a walk at the beach, read scripture, anything that spiritual moves and grounds us. 
Keeping occupied
Too much time on our own, leaves room for ruminating thoughts, if we are not occupying our minds. Watching a movie, going for a walk, doing some art, calling a friend, engaging with meaningful work all helps to keep our minds busy and relieves stress. Issues and fears may not go away, however they are not taking control of our lives. We can then use the time when free to rethink life's decisions. Developing a routine can help. 
Letting go and being present. 
  • This is easier said than done, but a continual worry and focus on something we can't control, can lead to illness!
  • Focusing on now and what we can do, gives some sense of control.
  • We all find it hard to let go of things sometimes. Part of cultivating faith, is that we have done all we can, to the best we can. Sometimes it is faith, that creates the end result. 


Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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