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How to avoid letting greed consume you?

greed Jan 06, 2021

Thankfully there are ways to avoid greed taking over. 

→ have a values driven life first and foremost

→ surround yourself with people generous people - They are more likely to share the same values, and inspire you to be the same

→ be generous. create wealth with others in mind also.

→ support a local group or cause that you know could do with some financial assistance and resource. Put extra money to good use, without having a saviour mentality. 

→ find ways to have a sustainable income that does not lead to the exploitation of workers

→ be thankful for what one already has, as there are plenty of people in the world who are struggling. 

→ choose to work within cooperative groups that generate wealth, with the thought that wealth would be shared with others and the communities surrounding. 


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