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Pitfalls of greed

greed Jan 05, 2021

What can happen when greed takes over?

We only have to take a look around the world, nearby and afar, to see what happens when a person or group of people  become greedy. 

🌀 people want more as they obtain more 

🌀 the desire for more can take over personal values

🌀 greed damages relationship priorities, people  competing against each other for 'more' than another

🌀 people lose sight of who they are

🌀 people are exploited, for profits

🌀 people  are reluctant to help others financially because of fear of 'losing' money

🌀 money becomes an indicator of power

🌀 greed has led to the destruction of the planet, land and oceans, for resources. 

🌀 people engage in certain behaviours to meet short term goals, because of the rewards, whether it's ethical or not. 

Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD


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