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Questions to ask when deciding what to do with your life.

meaning Sep 01, 2020
During a time of uncertainty, consider pondering on what is really holding you back.
🌺Focus on your strengths and what really matters to you. This will bring clarity, positive emotions and confidence back.
🌺Think about the things you love doing that feed your soul.
Here are a 7 questions that can help bring you closer to experiencing meaning in your life.
✍🏽What has helped you in the past to navigate through uncertain times?
✍🏽What tools or strategies have helped you to gain clarity in the past?
✍🏽What is the service or value you want to contribute to others?
✍🏽What do I love doing and am good at?
✍🏽What would I do if money was not an obstacle?
✍🏽What could I do over and over again without keeping track of the time?
✍🏽How would I like to be remembered?
Write these answers done and consider reviewing them every 3-6 months.
Pick 1-2 to answer daily.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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