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The powers of both psychology and spirituality: Are they BFFs or Rivals?

Uncategorized May 15, 2020
Do you perceive them as rivals? Or maybe you feel they are the same?
Psychology is generally accepted as having a scientific basis.
Where spirituality is frequently seen as non scientific and even frowned down upon.
Here are 6 of the insights regarding the relationship between psychology and spirituality highlighted in this article:
🧠 Psychology, as you might know, is the study of the mind or the soul. Significantly, in the West, psychology is only referred to as the study of the mind, whereas the “soul” part is completely ignored.
🧠 Psychology, therefore, deals with the mind: the way we think, consciously form concepts, understand the world around us and make sense of it.
💗 Spirituality, on the other hand is frequently regarded as a practical tool to achieve self-growth, because it paves the way for transcendence.
💗 “Self-Transcendence” allow the experience of your self to move beyond the personal self (“I’m John/Itai/Michelle”) into an experience where the attachment to that personal self disappears. At that point you become part of all that is around and within you; you are one with everything.
🌺. Psychology and spirituality could be described as “feet on the ground, head in the sky”. Psychology represents the “grounding” effect, in which the mind is used for thinking, rationalizing, and understanding life.
🌺 Spirituality transcends rational thought and allows us to shift into deep presence. As part of that experience, you won’t engage with the moment while using the mind as an interpreter; instead, you allow your awareness to embrace your moment and presence.
🌺 Certain moments in life require mind-oriented skills, while in others one must let go of the mind and simply be there.
Living a more fulfilling life would be embracing both these different aspects in our life.

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