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“To be spiritual is to create.”

creativity Oct 27, 2020
As Ernest Holmes once said, “To be spiritual is to create.”
Have you ever found it difficult to express how you feel?
Has there been a time when words don’t quite capture your emotions and what is deep within you?
Or do you find it easier to write poetry, music or journal because in doing so you feel a sense of freedom and the ability to communicate that which cannot be contained?
Creativity is an important need of the human spirit.
We all have the desire to create something.
Our human spirit longs to be in creation.
The inspiration comes from within, from a place that is meaningful to you.
Creativity can be expressed in:
💕singing 💕writing, 💕dancing 💕painting 💕cooking.
💕It can manifest in work, or through the environment like decorating the interior of where you live.
💕We can create meaningful relationships or contribute to a greater cause or a community project.
💕Creativity comes from the values you hold sacred to yourself.
Therefore it is not only in the most common presentations of creativity like art or music that creativity exists.
Creativity can occur in creating different ways of thinking or trying new tasks or approaches to different problems in life.
“Thinking outside the box,” prompts a creative spirit.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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