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What are the consequences of burnout?

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020
What are the consequences of burnout? / Compassion fatigue
The implications of compassion fatigue are varied ranging from emotional exhaustion, low job satisfaction, decreased quality of care and patient satisfaction, risk of medical error and somatic complaints.
Other signs of compassion fatigue include:
🌀Sadness and grief
🌀Avoidance or dreading working with some patients or people at work
🌀Detachment and reduced empathy towards patients or families
🌀Change in beliefs, expectations and assumptions
Compassion fatigue has a negative effect on:
⚡️our wellbeing and those around us both at work and at home.
⚡️Our personal relationships are strained, we are moody when we arrive home, tired and don't feel like attending to the necessary chores awaiting.
⚡️Our time with loved ones is not fulfilling because we are not present and our conversations are sometimes abrupt and short.
⚡️We don't have time for anyone and don't want to be around anyone.
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