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What are the signs & symptoms of spiritual distress?

spiritual distress Aug 11, 2020
Spiritual distress is experienced differently by people.
It is present when people experience conflict between their beliefs and actual life events.
They say any variety of the following: "I don't deserve this;" "I never hurt anyone." "Why is this happening to me?
Signs and symptoms of spiritual distress include:
🌺Expressing a loss of future
🌀Feeling abandoned
🌺Distress, despair, withdrawal
🌀No joy in anything
🌺Pain is fixed
🌀Feeling trapped, or an outcast and alone
🌺Anger, shame, guilt, hopelessness confusion
🌀Preoccupation with self
🌺Feelings of depression and anxiety
🌀Difficulty sleeping
🌺Feeling abandoned by God and personal community
🌀Questioning the meaning of life or suffering
🌺Questioning beliefs or sudden doubt in spiritual or religious beliefs
🌀Hyper sensitivity to others and the energy around us
🌺Visions and overwhelming sensation, intense emotions
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Simran K. Rattan MD

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