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What can you do to manage pain of the spirit?

spiritual distress Aug 13, 2020
What can you do to manage pain of the spirit?
It is during this time, of spiritual upheaval, the Universe can be our closest experience to love, strength and protection to call upon.
It is important to turn to someone we trust who will support us through these changes.
The following can help start the healing of the spirit during this hard time: (Be mindful of your health partners (patients) beliefs when recommending)
❤️ While it may feel like unbearable or you are losing hope, this is the exact and precise moment to seek help from the specialist, a chaplain or spiritual care professional.❤️
🌀Connect to your supports (family, spiritual leaders, religious leaders etc)
🌀Stay connected to people you trust
🌀Pray and connect with worship, read scripture
🌀Surround yourself with loving people
🌀Disconnect from anything that has the ability to sow seeds of doubt
🌀 Meditate
🌀Journal the needs of your spirit
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Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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