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What is your purpose?

purpose Sep 08, 2020
Have there been times in your life when you have felt you never knew your purpose?
Have you ever lost a job, relationship, a sense of direction, a home, or felt so disconnected with others, you wonder what is the reason to be here?
Losing our sense of self and who we are is more common than people realise.
Our lives have been governed and guided a lot by expectations, social pressures, bills and others wants and needs.
How often do we listen to the calling of our innate spirit, which deep within knows our purpose. It is here when we look within, we find what truly matters to us and where our purpose lies.
Exploring our own values and higher purpose generates more happiness, compassion, self-discovery, wisdom and greater meaning in life.
Purpose almost always involves us wanting to feel we are contributing, that we are sharing what is meaningful to us, or something that we value.
When we have clarity of our purpose we are able to form meaningful relationships with others and ourselves.
We are able to impact others in a positive way. This is not only fulfilling for ourselves but others, inspiring them to seek purpose for themselves and what is meaningful for them.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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