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What makes your soul move?

Spirituality is what brings forth who we are and how we express and experience our infinite self. 

We can ask ourselves and our health partners (patients) these questions, to find out, what makes our souls move: 

➡ What excites you? 

➡ What refreshes you? 

➡ What makes you feel good about who you are? 

➡ What utilizes your skills and talents? 

➡ What connects you with others in a shared goal? 

➡ Who do you feel uplifted around and have a shared interest with? 

We are spiritual beings first and foremost before anything and the lives we are living are embodied in a human experience.

Our experiences differ however at the core it is our spirit that connects us and the more we connect with our infinite self, the more we will heal and grow spiritually.


Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD


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