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What sort of situations make me forget who I am and how do I connect back?

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020
There were times I would feel I was on autopilot, not balanced, stagnant, stressed with exams or work, or caught up in my daily responsibilities which contributed to “forgetting who I am”.
When I meditated before sleep, different thoughts about what I did in the day would come into my mind. (I will share how this is actually a good process in my free meditation webinar coming soon!)
And I would think about the business in the day, all the “material” things I was involved in and how I would be on autopilot routine.
I would start thinking I was forgetting my connection and I would feel separate from my divine self and then feel bad about it.
So let’s just say that in the moments I forgot, I didn’t reconnect. In fact all I did was judge myself for not feeling connected!
My judgment of myself was the disconnect!
What I forgot was that everything I do, even the material, is in line with my purpose to live a spiritual life. I forgot that you don’t need to give up the material to be truly spiritual.
This was a beautiful process for me because each time I surrendered in meditation, I knew that there was no separation or forgetting who I am. And when I was not in meditation, I truly knew that too. But my mind wanted something much more complicated than the simple truth that there is no separation, because it likes to battle my core centre, my spirit.
If I let the core of who I am live for me, the mind is guided easily and I can’t forget who I am. So now I lead a life where my spirit guides my mind back to that oneness all the time, not just in meditation.
Our conscious mind forgets our connection or as I like to say ignores it. Through meditation I now have a deeper awareness that I am much more than my conscious mind.
My consciousness is centred in that superconsciousness, my spirit, which gives me clarity in the times when I do have a battle between my mind and spirit.
What I do in that situation is let go to the spirit and embrace my connection within. This allows my connection to get stronger.
I read my scripture and meditate often and this is what nourishes my spirit connection and guides me in times of confusion or stagnation.
I find now it’s not about forgetting anymore because I know that I am always connected to my inner deeper self, and this fuels every action of mine.
So living in harmony is not about one end of the spectrum like shunning the material or going off to the mountains to be spiritual, instead it is about each day and each action being dynamically lived from my spirit.
Honouring and Serving,
Simran K. Rattan MD

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