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Working From Home During The Coronavirus Crisis Is A Recipe For Burnout, Experts Say

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

Working from home maybe difficult at this time.

Having kids at home can make it harder.

There is no separation of “work time” and “leisure time” it all gets blended.

Keeping my day schedule similar to my days when I went physically to work has helped me to stay productive.

Perhaps like you , with my kids being home I have to find ways to balance seeing patients, their schoolwork, housework, self care time and family time.

This article (that my friend has contributed to, Dr. Jasleen Chatwal) talks about the pressure of being at home and trying to be productive an interesting and informative read. Click the link to read it.

These are some tips I have found helpful for myself:

🌟SCHEDULE YOUR DAY (I am posting a short video on this soon)
🌟SIT NEAR A WINDOW when working
🌟TAKE OUTDOOR BREAKS (sit outside for 10min breaks)
🌟MEAL PLAN for the week
🌟MOVE OR STAND (sit-stand desk, while working)
🌟PRE PLAN activities for your kids


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