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Loneliness in the Workplace

Are you a leader in your workplace or health institute? How often do you connect with the people around you? As a leader, How do you create a welcoming and spirited environment?

The need of the spirit to connect can effect the motivation of people in the workplace. More and more people are not connecting to each other at work and are in fact very lonely.

Did you feel lonely during your training as a health professional? How many times did someone in authority or leadership role take that extra time to get to know you as a person, beyond your work settings? Loneliness is becoming much more common in the workplace.

This Forbes article talks about loneliness in the workplace and how it effect’s productivity.

“Lonely workers take twice as many sick days and demonstrate less commitment and weaker performance. Their emotions can spread to others, as well, causing a ripple effect throughout an organization.”

Today’s Technology helps people to think they are connected. The truth is this is not fulfilling the needs of the spirit for many employees/workers. They are feeling alone, disengaged and not well supported.

What do you think ? Would it make us more powerful leaders to attend and evaluate the needs of the spirit of our residents, students, and employees?

If you are sitting in a leader position, take the time to stop by and ask the people you work with how’s things are going. Be present with them and really listen to them. Ask them about what they really enjoy doing at work and in their spare time. Get to know your people, understand their needs and explore their spirits needs.

This Forbes article gives 3 tips listed below (in details), that helps leaders combat employee loneliness and create a more engaging, meaningful and welcoming environment.

1) Encourage Real Life Connections
2) Create a Loneliness-Resistant Culture
3) Design With Intent


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